Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Office is the key contact point for projects in Rangeley that involve the Planning Department. It is responsible for accepting all permit applications which may be under this jurisdiction, including referral to the proper reviewing authority.

What Requires a Permit

A building permit is required for any new structure, additions to an existing structure, and many alterations to existing structures.  Sheds not attached to a structure that are less than 200 square feet in area, are exempt.  Permits are also required for some non-structural projects, including but not limited to:
  • Change of use
  • Demolition
  • Docks
  • Entrances (driveways)
  • Signs
  • Recreational vehicles
The Land Use Table shown in the zoning ordinances for the Town of Rangeley, Chapter 38, can inform about what uses may be allowable in the zoning district where a project is proposed.  Found under the Government tab, the Town Code is viewable online.  Zoning districts are defined within the zoning ordinances and their areas determined by the Official Zoning Map.

Building Permits

Building permits are issued to authorize the start of a construction project if an application demonstrates that the proposal will be in compliance with the Rangeley Town Code, the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code, as well as other applicable state and/or federal regulations. Inspections are performed to ensure that work is done as approved. The issuance of a certificate of occupancy, the last step in this process, occurs after a final inspection shows that the project has been completed as permitted. Additional permits may be required on an individual basis..

Cost of a Permit

Permit fees are based on the use and square footage of the proposed project, excepting alterations where fees are calculated at a percentage rate of the value of construction. For a complete fee schedule please visit the Planning Department page.